City of Flowers

Florence: city of art, trade, and learning…city of power, intrigue, and mystery. Florence: city of flowers.

The Dark Ages, with its feudalism, plagues, and superstition are receding into the past, and the Renaissance is upon us, the Italian city-states leading the world into the bright light of a new day. A day of learning, science, and enlightenment. However, wherever there is bright light, there are also deep shadows. In those deep shadows you will find the Order of the Blue Rose. The Order of the Blue Rose are normal people who live a double life. They may be soldiers or students, merchants or musicians, nuns or nobles, but they also work as covert agents for the rising Cosimo di Medici.

Working with Cosimo, the Agents of the Blue Rose fight against hostile forces both natural and supernatural, internal and external, brute and subtle. The Order needs new members. You have answered the call.

This campaign, starting in 1429, follows the gritty adventures of a group spies in Renaissance Florence. It uses the GURPS system and has a tone of heightened realism. It is gritty and “realistic”—though there is some access to cinematic combat and fantastical elements. It follows the “realist” spy genre where nothing is black and white.

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City of Flowers

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