This game uses the Classless Meritocracy rules from B28. So the amount of Status you can buy is limited. People who want to increase their status do so through the Status Bonuses gained from Wealth and Rank (including Nobility Rank). Starting Characters are limited to a maximum final Status of 3.

  • Status

    • Status -2: Slave, Serf, Street Person
    • Status -1: Poor Citizen
    • Status 0: Ordinary Citizen, Apprentice
    • Status 1: Born of a Noble Family
    • Status 2: Born of a Royal Family


Starting PCs cannot buy more than Rank 2 in any given specialization. Nobility Rank is limited to Rank 3.
  • Nobility Ranks

    • Rank 1: Patrizio
    • Rank 2: Signore
    • Rank 3: Barone, Baronessa
    • Rank 4: Conte, Contessa
    • Rank 5: Duca, Duchessa
    • Rank 6: Principe, Principessa
    • Rank 7: King, Queen (There are no Kings and Queens in the Italian States)
    • Rank 8: Emperor, Empress (There are no Emperors or Empresses in the Italian States)

  • Guild Ranks

    • Rank 0: Apprentice
    • Rank 1: Junior Journeyman
    • Rank 2: Senior Journeyman
    • Rank 3: Junior Master
    • Rank 4: Senior Master, and Guild Office Holders
    • Rank 5: Guildmaster (This is an elected and therefore a Temporary Rank that can’t be bought directly)

  • Military Ranks

    • Rank 0: Soldier
    • Rank 1: Commander of a Lance
    • Rank 2: Junior caposquadra
    • Rank 3: Senior caposquadra
    • Rank 4: Junior colonello
    • Rank 5: Senior colonello
    • Rank 6: Marshal

  • Police Ranks

    • Rank 0: Watchman
    • Rank 1: Watch Commander
    • Rank 2: Commander of the Guard
    • Rank 3: Podesta, Executor

Note: At this time, there were two competing police forces. The city guard, mostly a military force, whose main purpose is protecting the city from outside attack or quelling riots. There is also a police force operated by the guilds whose main purpose is to guard the Mercato Nuovo (the large market square where all the bankers and luxury merchants did their business) and the warehouses of the guilds. Florence also had two special positions, both of which were reserved for non-Florentines (so that they would remain neutral to the city’s internal rivalries). They are the Podesta (police chief and criminal magistrate), and the Executor (whose job was to thwart schemes of the aristocracy that might hurt the people).

  • Governmental Ranks

    • Rank 1: Clerks & Lesser Officials
    • Rank 2: Council members
    • Rank 3: Sitting Member of the Signoria, Notary, Chancellor
    • Rank 4: Gonfaloniere

Note: Governmental Rank, due to the form of Florence government, is Temporary Rank. You can’t buy it, it is awarded to the person who has been chosen in the election. If you person has a Status lower than the rank they were elected to, they function as if they had Status equal to their Governmental Rank. For example, if a Status 3 person is elected as the Gonfaloniere, for the two months they serve, they function as if they were Status 4.


You may buy up to one level of Wealth higher than your Status demands (See B517).


Cosimo de Medici is one of the richest and most powerful men in Florence. (Which should put him around Status 5). He wasn’t born of a noble family. So his base Status is 0. He also holds no Governmental Rank, so he gets no bonus from there. He is, however, the Head of the Medici Bank (Merchant Rank 4) (+1 Status), a Senior Master in the Guild of Bankers (Guild Rank 4) (+1 Status), Multimillionaire 2 (+3 Status). That gives him a total of Status 5, the Highest you can have in Florence (Also the equivalent of a Duke).

Rinaldo degli Albizzi was born into a noble family, so he starts with Status 1. He is also a Senior Master of the Arte della Lana (Wool Merchants (+2 Status), He also has Multimillionaire 1 (+2 Status). So he too is at Status 5…but he got there a slightly different way than Cosimo.

A player wants to create a Baronessa. A Baronessa is a Noble Rank 3 person and should also be a Status 3 person. So, you get Status 1 for Noble Birth (only Kings, Princes, and Emperors are Royal), Noble Rank 3 (which gives +1 Status), and a Status 3 person needs to be Very Wealthy (+1 Status). So we end up with a Status 3 (+1 Birth, +1 Rank, +1 Wealth) Baronessa who is Very Wealthy.


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