Il Lavoro Veloce

Il Lavoro Veloce
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(from “On de Medici’s Secret Service” by Matt Rigsby. Pyramid 3.10, August 2009 pg. 7-10)

Il lavoro veloce (“quick work”), arguably a style for assassi- nation rather than fighting, takes Italian School fencing to its brutally logical conclusion. It emphasizes speed to operate in a crowded environment. The fighter is trained to closely approach unsuspecting targets, produce his weapon before the target can react, strike with lethal effect, and be on his way quickly. The final test in Belragazzo’s studio, it is said, is Belragazzo dropping a florin to the floor. The student must draw, strike a dummy in the neck or heart, and sheathe before the coin hits the ground. Though knives are featured, ubiqui- tous fencing weapons are necessarily part of the training.

Skills: Fast-Draw (Knife); Knife; Rapier; Wrestling.
Techniques: Choke Hold; any Targeted Attack to the neck or vitals with a knife or rapier.
Perks: Grip Mastery (Knife or Rapier); Quick-Sheathe (Knife).

Optional Traits
Skills: Holdout; Shadowing; Stealth.

Il Lavoro Veloce

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