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  • Character Creation

    In the past there may have been wizards and dragons and dungeons and elves and all of that, but that was long time ago. Now we are in a time of science and civilization. The Republic of Florence is at the forefront of this new …

  • Timeline


    *Revolt of the Ciompi.* A popular uprising of laborers lead by the wool carders not represented by any Guilds, and therefore not eligible for political representation. The uprising was eventually put down, which lead to the dominance of the …

  • Guilds of Firenze

    This is a list of the 21 recognized Guilds of Florence

    • *Arti Maggiori (Major Guilds)*
      • *Arte di Calimala* - Workers in wool, cloth merchants
      • *Arte della Lana* - Wool Merchants
      • *Arte dei Giudici e Notai* - Judges, …