Tag: Florence


  • Anatina Giaconi

    Anatina is the daughter of a minor noble family influential in the Keymakers guild, seeming neutral in the conflict between Albizzis and de Medici's. Anatina married young into the Albizzi family and her husband died in the wars against Milan. Since then …

  • Cosimo de Medici

    Cosimo has just taken over the leadership of the family bank. Despite coming from a non-noble family, he is one of the richest men in Europe. However he lives simply and his generosity makes him quite popular with the average people of Florence. It doesn' …

  • Rinaldo degli Albizzi

    Warlike and opportunistic, Rinaldo Albizzi pushes his weight around. He pushed Florence into invading Volterra and retaking Lucca. He pushes people around in the streets. He pushes around the government. With all of his allies, is there anyone who might …

  • Palla Strozzi

    Rich Florentine Banker and noble. He owns a public library that rivals Cosimo's own public library. He is also a strong Ally of Rinaldo Albizzi against the Medicis.

  • Niccolò de' Niccoli

    Collector of ancient manuscripts and artifacts. Niccoli is one of the most learned and forward thinking men of Italy and close friend of the Medici. He lives in the convent and church, Santa Maria degli Angeli, a center of liberal learning.

  • Amina Albizzi

    Amina is the young, beautiful, single cousin of the powerful [[:94960 | Rinaldo degli Albizzi]], and she enjoys all the attention that comes with that position immensely. The Queen Bee of a Mean Girl contingent of Albizzi aligned socialites, she has …

  • Duti DiBagio

    Florentine banker, investor, and war profiteer. Died of a "heart attack" (caused by Stella Fiore) at his New Year's Eve party. He is survived by his wife [[:97641 | Casetta DiBagio]] and her children from her first marriage.

  • Fosco Gobetti

    Fosco Gobetti is a wealthy Florentine who had in his possession the Ring of Zenobius. That ring was stolen by [[:niccolo-russo | Niccolo Russo]] and [[:luciano-giunnio | Luciano Giunnio]]. *On New Year's Eve he met Alberto d'Firenze ([[:luciano- …

  • Gianni Gobetti

    16 years old, awkward, gawky, and a bit incompetent. He is currently the only son of [[:97646 | Fosco Gobetti]]. *Was very taken with Alberto d'Firenze ([[:luciano-giunnio | Luciano Giunnio]]).

  • Fastello Tozzi

    Fastello Tozzi was a deMedici bank clerk from Florence married to [[:97651 | Romina Albizzi]], a distant Albizzi cousin. While the Albizzi were in complete power a few years back, Tozzi and his wife were exiled to Padua. Two years ago, due to the …

  • Deo Zanetti

    Deo Zanetti was the crooked podesto in the pocked of the [[:94960 | Rinaldo degli Albizzi]] who was responsible for the death of [[:luciano-giunnio | Luciano Giunnio]]'s family. He was reported dead within the last month. All of his holdings being willed …

  • Giancarlo Zanetti

    Young Florentine noble from the countryside outside of the city who has recently inherited all of the assets of [[:97652 | Deo Zanetti]].

  • Prada Tucci

    Prada is one of the most exclusive seamstresses in Florence. She was the exclusive supplier of clothing for [[:97640 | Amina Albizzi]] before she began to get her clothes from Venetian [[:97654 | Granina Bambo]]. *Stella Fiori was able to get …

  • Rogério

    This tall, thin thug was one of the two thugs who burned down the Guinnio home, killing almost all people within. And who was also one of the two thugs who killed [[:97650 | Fastello Tozzi]].