Tag: Faction:Albizzi


  • Rinaldo degli Albizzi

    Warlike and opportunistic, Rinaldo Albizzi pushes his weight around. He pushed Florence into invading Volterra and retaking Lucca. He pushes people around in the streets. He pushes around the government. With all of his allies, is there anyone who might …

  • Palla Strozzi

    Rich Florentine Banker and noble. He owns a public library that rivals Cosimo's own public library. He is also a strong Ally of Rinaldo Albizzi against the Medicis.

  • Amina Albizzi

    Amina is the young, beautiful, single cousin of the powerful [[:94960 | Rinaldo degli Albizzi]], and she enjoys all the attention that comes with that position immensely. The Queen Bee of a Mean Girl contingent of Albizzi aligned socialites, she has …

  • Deo Zanetti

    Deo Zanetti was the crooked podesto in the pocked of the [[:94960 | Rinaldo degli Albizzi]] who was responsible for the death of [[:luciano-giunnio | Luciano Giunnio]]'s family. He was reported dead within the last month. All of his holdings being willed …

  • RogĂ©rio

    This tall, thin thug was one of the two thugs who burned down the Guinnio home, killing almost all people within. And who was also one of the two thugs who killed [[:97650 | Fastello Tozzi]].